Podcast: WalkOff Talk

There’s a very small chance you came here looking for a Kansas City Baseball Vault podcast called WalkOff Talk, hosted by myself and Ben Nielsen (@BenThereBro). If that’s the case, you’re in luck. You can get to any episode using the links below, or you can subscribe to the iTunes feed, which, in addition to WalkOff Talk episodes, will give you access to the Pine Tar Podcast, the original Kansas City Baseball Vault podcast, and the Triple Play podcast.

Episode 41: Audra’s Getting Married!
Episode 40: The Triumphant Return of WoT



Episode 36: Are the Royals Gonna Blow the Playoffs?

Episode 35: The Return of Eric Hosmer: Should He Start?

Episode 34: ROYALS IN FIRST PLACE! (and Sung Woo)

Episode 33: Why Are the Royals so Unlucky? (Injury Update)

Episode 32: What Is Going on with the Royals Outfield?

Episode 31: Royals Winning Streak, K/9 and K%

Episode 30: MLB Draft, FIP/ERA+

Episode 29: Royals Depression has set in

Episode 28: Guest Chris Kamler Discusses Umpiring

Episode 27: Does Mike Moustakas belong in the MLB?

Episode 26: Duffy/Chen, Does the Lack of Home Runs Matter?

Episode 25: Vacation Episode

Episode 24: Audra Rants on New Catch Rules, Ben Rants on Steve Physioc

Episode 23: Moose Sucks, Gordon Should Stop Wall-Colliding, GMDM Sucks

Episode 22: Opening Day Loss, Dan Quisenberry, the Role of the Closer

Episode 21: Checking on Escobar and Davis, Royals and AL Central Predictions

Episode 20: Ben’s Delusional; Yordano & Moustakas Tear Up Spring Training

Episode 19: David Spencer: A’s Fan, Pitching Coach, & Former Pitcher

Episode 18: Players to Watch, New MLB Replay Rules, New Defensive Metrics

Episode 17: Interview with Ed Moore, Royals Fan & Movie Enthusiast

Episode 16: Spring Training Has Finally Arrived!

Episode 15: Interview with Jimmy Faseler (AKA Fat Dancing Royals Fan)

Episode 14: Fake Ned Yost Interview and New Royals Slogan (Be Royal) 

Episode 13: The Life of an Ex, Sexism in Sports

Episode 12: Escorts, What the Flip is Arbitration?, Brad Penny, Twitter

Episode 11: Audra’s Love Life, Jeremy Guthrie’s Contract Restructure, and UZR

Episode 10: Royals Rumors (Morales/Butler, Santana, Tanaka) & Audra Sings

Episode 9: Pitching/Tanaka, New Year’s Resolutions, and WAR

Episode 8: Danny Valencia and Merry Christmas

Episode 7: The Royals Signed Omar Infante! (and Audra Counts Sideways)

Episode 6: Home Plate Collisions, Norichika Aoki, Billy Butler Rumors

Episode 5: Lost/Unavailable (DM Extension, Dutton Leaving, Beltran Rumors)
Episode 4: Jason Vargas, Thanksgiving, and What’s Ben Drinking?

Episode 3: Potential Royals Trades
Episode 2: Help Name the Show!
Episode 1: Hello


Your thoughts?

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