An Acknowledged Change of Pace

I’ve spent almost an entire year trying to decide what to do with my blog because my profession has changed significantly since I started the blog, and its original purpose is no longer applicable. I am still an editor but not in the same way that I was at Tate.

I’ve avoided the blog for a while because I really like some of my initial posts. They were fun to write, and I was a bit of a sass-bucket. But the truth remains that I can’t write posts exactly like that anymore, so I’ve sorta been hiding with my tail between my legs, unsure of how to proceed now.

In addition, I kind of liked having the review of Arson be the last post up because that book was the culmination of my tenure at Tate, so it seemed appropriate for it to be the culmination of my blog, if indeed I was going to close the door on the blog. But I have finally decided that I just can’t close the door on the blog. I’m not ready. I need a public place to write that is not Facebook, and this is the perfect place to do it. I did decide to change the name, and hopefully over time a purpose will become more clear.

For now, I just want to welcome you to the new site (which is definitely still a work in progress). Come back soon for something more interesting.


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